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Since early 2003, Career Engineer has specialised as a leading "Engineering & Technical" recruiter and HR service provider, predominately for the New Zealand Engineering sector.

Today; We offer a range of fully customised, tailor-made recruitment and HR solutions, delivered almost anywhere - and of course, right throughout New Zealand.

We are proud to be 100% Kiwi owned and operated - providing local and Global career prospects.

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Today; employers can utilise our fully customisable services in one-off job briefs, and/or capture and retain our entire team expertise for larger assignments ...almost anywhere worldwide - remotely or mobilised to site.

With services and options customised to suit any need, project, or organisation, our network and market intelligence of who's who, who's capable, and who's available, ensures every client can identify, recruit and retain high-performing talented personalities.

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Job Seekers

Today; our client's are leaders in a much wider variety of industries.

Today & Tomorrow; We continue to constantly improve on our yesterday's, whilst we also develop and evolve our services to suit our clients growing needs.

We are proud to be 100% Kiwi owned and operated - providing local and Global career prospects.

We also enjoy working with leaders in a much wider range of industries as we improve on our yesterdays.

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How does the recruitment process work

Carrying out a good selection process and an effective recruitment strategy give as a result the acquisition of the ideal candidate to take care of certain tasks. Smart escorts can provide you some useful advices to increase productivity while saving time and resources by avoiding job rotation scenarios and losses due to non-fulfillment of goals.

Recruitment and human resources selection strategies

Organizations have as a main component a human team with skills, talents and capacities. An adequate selection of personnel is decisive in the success of the company as your favorite intelligent escort will tell you. Recruitment involves several procedures which start with the identification of the main needs of the corporation.

The features of the vacant job position will help you to define the professional profile of the required candidate. Then you must define which sources will be used to recruit applicants.

Skillful escorts like the ladies from EROS can recommend you some useful sources of recruitment. For instance, you could resort to your employees so they can recommend you reputable professionals. You could also exchange portfolios with other companies of the same type. Announcements on the newspaper or on social networks constitute valuable resources too.

It is important to assess the social and cultural features of each applicant. They have to match with the needs and principles of the organization.

Your talented escort from http://www.eros.com/ will recommend you to prepare a test to check the skills, knowledge and experience of the candidate. External consultants can assist you with this task. However, the defining moment takes place during the interview, where you get to know personally the applicant and have a clearer image of their projection within the organization.

For that reason, you must define what you need to see in the candidate, such as their cultural fit, skills or potential. If the person is required to take care of a high managerial job position, it is advisable, according to specialists, the use of the methodology of “headhunting”. It implies the search of contacts and references of the potential applicant.

It is very important to preserve the good image of the company as prepared escorts will tell you. After choosing the adequate employee, you should communicate the other applicants that, even though they were not selected, their files will be archived for later requirements. In this way you can create a good data bank of human resources.

Effective stratagems for the integration of new workers

A training program is necessary for the incorporation of new members to the staff of your company. Your proficient escort will explain you that this kind of instruction will provide the employees an idea in regards to their main tasks and how to develop them.

A training program also shows your workers that the organization takes seriously their responsibilities. Therefore, it makes them feel the support of the company.

Experienced escorts will explain you that this kind of preparation strengthens the confidence of new employees in regards to their capacities and skills. Additionally, it shows your workers how valuable are the methods and the philosophy of the company.

One of the main advantages of a training program is that it greatly reduces the possibility of the occurrence of mistakes which could detriment the image of the corporation.