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About Us

We are a small, dynamic consultancy team based in Auckland, New Zealand - assisting those who require fully customizable, friendly and professional solutions to their recruitment needs.

Yesterday; We specialised as a leading "Engineering & Technical" recruiter and HR service provider, predominately for the New Zealand / Australian Engineering sector.

We have also helped clients from as far away as Fiji, Asia, Europe and the Middle East Region.

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Business leaders undertaking succession planning, strategic talent acquisition, or any entity requiring exceptional people are highly encouraged to make contact.

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Tomorrow; Good people will still be hard to find; Exceptional people even harder.

At a time when the GFC has irrevocably altered the Global business landscape - our clients can rest assured that with 16+ years of solid experience behind us and 20+ years still ahead - we'll still be here, quietly achieving, delivering exceptional outcomes.

As the longer-term, on-going battle for exceptional talent continues to intensify, risk-averse hiring managers are highly encouraged to make contact.

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